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ex: 94 supra or 2005 ford mustang YMM search  
Always refer to the OEM manufacturers specifications manual when installing brake components

sp_rotor_img_01 1. Lift vehicle on a level surface and support with jack stands. Remove lug nuts and wheel and inspect for leaks and cracks in the hose and caliper boot.
sp_rotor_img_02 2. Remove the bolts holding on the caliper and support the caliper with a wire or other means. Do not let the caliper hang by the brake hose as this may cause damage to the hose.
sp_rotor_img_03 3. Remove the bracket bolts.
sp_rotor_img_04 4. Remove the bracket and the brake rotor.
sp_rotor_img_05 5. Carefully inspect the rotor thickness and hub height to ensure the rotor is correct.
sp_rotor_img_06 6. Also compare the center hole size and the rotor diameter. This will ensure you are replacing the correct rotors on your vehicle. This check will save time and money if they are not correct from the beginning.
sp_rotor_img_07 7. Inspect the existing brake pads for excess wear and replace as necessary.
sp_rotor_img_08 8. Lubricate the mounting bracket to OEM specifications.
sp_rotor_img_09 9. Clean and inspect the bracket mounting hardware.
sp_rotor_img_10 10. Clean the hub face and studs with a wire brush.
sp_rotor_img_11 11. Install the new SP Performance rotors according to the installation directions to ensure you are installing them in the correct direction. These rotors are directional.
sp_rotor_img_12 12. Next install the clean and lubricated bracket.

Finally, the caliper is installed into the mounting bracket.

IMPORTANT: When installing the wheel, only use a torque wrench to tighten the wheel nuts. Tightening them with an air tool will cause the rotor to warp. SEE OWNERS MANUAL FOR WHEEL NUT TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS.